How Fresh Can Be Fresh

Installation, 32.5 x 23 x 8 cm (10ea)

Plastic packages, printed images on canvas fabric, labels

Plastic packages, which contain the images of fresh food printed on the canvas fabric, are displayed on the wall. How Fresh Can Be Fresh stands for everything people eat is already dead and deals with the question: why are the dead things called FRESH? At the moment the organism dies, it starts being rotten and people consume it during the rotting process. The printed images on the canvas fabric contain the moment of new organisms growing from the one used to be alive and the conceptually dead organisms that are advertised as FRESH products in markets. It highlights that the word FRESH does not represent FRESH and it has lost its meaning. Since FRESH itself is a value that is rapidly lost, by printing images on the canvas fabric which are used to preserve painting for a long time and it is a completely different feature from FRESH, the materials point out the conceptual aspect. Moreover, as the images are packed inside of the plastic packages that are commonly used in markets to sell FRESH foods, it refers to the products that are advertised as FRESH and satirize the meaning of FRESH.